Double Impact Sachet (15ml)

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Tingle cream stimulates microcirculation to warm the skin.

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Firstly, the tingle component is able to stimulate the micro-circulation in the skin.  As a result the skin heats and stimulates the natural processes in the skin. Furthermore the Metyl Nicotinate stimulates and warmes up the skin hence a better tanning result. Keep your skin tanned, fit and smooth for longer. Above all we recommend this cream for already tanned experienced tanners.  Lastly this accelerator can be used in fitness clubs.

Accelerator Tyrosine, Methyl Nicotinate – they give excellent tan and double tingle effect
Shea Butter – moisturises, softens and smoothes the skin, promotes skin regeneration and soothes irritations
Aloe Vera – moisturises and maintains appropriate pH level
Cinnamon & Rosemary Oil – have natural powerful warming up and strengthening properties
Panthenol – optimally moisturises the skin and soothes irritations
Vitamin: C, B2 – improve appearance and condition of the skin

Cinnamon Pepper