Soleo Full Basic Line Sachet Display Deal

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Soleo Full Basic Line Sachet Display Deal

Purchase 100 sachets, receive 20 sachets and a display FREE

10 x Lime Mousse Ultra Intensifier (15ml sachet)
10 x Lolli Pop Accelerator (15ml sachet)
10 x Orange Cake V-2002 Accelerator (15ml sachet)
10 x Sandy Candy Collagen Intensifier (15ml sachet)
10 x Hello Sun Ultra Accelerator (15ml sachet)
10 x Bubble Gum Bronzer (15ml sachet)
10 x Jungle Fruit 12 x Bronzer (15ml sachet)
10 x Summer Night Power Bronzer (15ml sachet)
10 x Sunset Time Dark Bronzer (15ml sachet)
10 x Tingle Bell Tingle Bronzer (15ml sachet)

Receive FREE:
2 x sachets (15ml) of each of the above
1 x Display

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